Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tunesday!

So, this is something new that I'd like to do. Tuesday Tunesday is just going to be me talking about what I'm listening to right now. I'm not sure it will be every week, but I'll try. 
This week, I'm listening to Pioneer by The Band Perry. This is their second album, which was released today (4/2/13). This follows their first album, which was self-titled. Their first album contained hits You Lie, All Your Life, and If I Die Young. The Band Perry is composed of three siblings who sing, write songs, and play instruments. Kimberly Perry leads the band with her awesome, raspy voice. They sing country music.
I've already listened to the album twice today and I already love it. The lyrics are interesting, fun, and touching. For the past few weeks, Better Dig Two has been my number one favorite song. Aside from Better Dig Two, I already love Done, Chainsaw, I'm a Keeper, and I Saw a Light. There are samples of each song on Amazon, so check it out!

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