Sunday, December 11, 2011

Finals week!

Okay, so this isn't In My Mailbox or a review or anything fun at all, really. This is just me in my final week of school, writing stupid essays and getting ready for my one test. If not for my one test, I could go home on Tuesday. But no. I need to stay here until Thursday and leave right after the test. The one good thing about that is that hopefully my essays will be completely done and when I get home, I can just lay in bed with my kitty and READ! Man, I feel like I haven't read in ages. I mean, really read. I mean, lay in bed all day and just read for hours on end. I can't wait. 
So, everything's being postponed until Thursday. I'll do IMM and Waiting on Wednesday, then, unless by some stroke of luck, I get done studying early on Wednesday. IMM is definitely Thursday, so look out for it.
Now, here's a video of my friends and I singing and lip-synching to I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys, while I write an essay about how this video could land me in jail for five years if SOPA is passed. Too-da-loo. And good luck to others with finals!

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