Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Revirw: Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK

Review: Addison Blakey: Confessions of a PK by Betsy St. Amant
Pages: 368
Publication date: January 1, 2012
Received from Barbour Publishing Ink via Netgalley
From Goodreads: Sixteen-year-old Addison Blakely has tireless played the role of PK—preacher’s kid—her entire life. But after Wes Keegan revs his motorcycle into town and into her heart, Addison begins to wonder how much of her faith is her own and how much has been handed to her. She isn’t so sure she wants to be the good girl anymore. Join Addison Blakely as she attempts to separate love from lust, facts from faith, and keep her head above water in her murky, fishbowl existence.
A book about religion is always very hit or miss. The way the specific belief is handled is what makes all the difference. 
Addison Blakely is a PK- Preacher's Kid, and the story is told from her humorous point of view. Though much of this book is about God and how she feels about Him, it didn't feel especially preachy. There was a lot of other subject matter to keep you interested. There actually seemed to be almost too much else going on during the book. I honestly think that some things could have been excluded, just because they seemed so different from other parts of the book. I enjoyed them, though. It just made the book feel longer, I think. 
So, there were a few words that were watered down- heck instead of hell and ticked instead of pissed- that I didn't think should have been phrased the way they were. If they came from Addison Blakely, definitely, it would have been awesome, but they came from another character and it seemed very out of character for him not to use the heavier words. You don't swear just to swear, but sometimes you need to write a few stronger words in to show the emotion behind it, to show the character. 
All in all, Confessions of a PK was a great read. It was cute and full of humor, and also very honest. I definitely recommend you check it out.


  1. Thanks for the positive review Sarah! So glad you enjoyed it! :)

    And just for the record, I totally agree on the stronger words. Unfortunately some publishers have more rules about that than others...

    Thanks again!

  2. You're welcome! Thank you for coming to see it! It means a lot! I'm looking forward to buying my very own hard copy!
    Merry Christmas!